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Minister Mary Rock


Licensed with The Covenant Center
Lakeland, Florida
Pastors Richard and Becky Maisenbacher


Invite Mary to Speak at Your Next Event

Mary Rock, a licensed minister and speaker with an amazing story to tell that the world needs to hear!


Within a few days, Mary developed a baseball-sized breast tumor that was fueled by an estrogen supplement. Prompted by a dream, she made the gutsy decision to seek an alternative solution after being referred to a surgeon at a prominent cancer treatment center.


Taking a non-medical approach, Mary was able to reduce the baseball-sized tumor down to less than the size of a small grain of rice in just three weeks!


Realizing she was on to something life-changing, she began a journey of seeking natural health solutions to complete her healing process.


Mary discovered a product that left her free of even the smallest sign of cancer and amazingly costs only pennies a day. Even more powerful, this 'affordable' product also cures many degenerative diseases, to include heart disease.


Mary Rock now enjoys a vibrant life that is FREE OF CANCER without enduring surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment.


A former court reporter and U.S. Navy veteran, she resides in central Florida with her husband, Attorney Daniel Rock.

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