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After I was healed, I was eager to return to one of my very favorite locations, the gym, where I met up with a beautiful lady by the name of Gail. We frequently worked out together. I explained my recent absence by sharing my amazing breast cancer story with her.


Gail, a blue-eyed, blond powerhouse who flipped houses for a living and did roofing jobs on the side, confided in me she had developed a blister inside her nostril that she attempted to heal for months with rounds of antibiotics she was able to scrounge up, but to no avail. With the downturn in the economy, she became too impoverished to see a doctor and felt desperate.


Once Gail brought her condition to my attention, I could easily see that the end of her nose was crimson and taking on a purplish undertone, the exact same colors I saw on my breast. She confided in me that she was pretty sure she had cancer in her nose. She had been a real sun worshiper in her youth. Not having any health insurance, Gail decided she would definitely try the simple and natural approach I was so enthusiastic about. Within a week, the large blister inside of her nose she had battled for several months was totally gone, and her nose returned to its normal color.


Gail told me one of the reasons she was so open to trying the natural approach first, aside from being uninsured and not wanting to more than likely face a disfiguring surgery anyway, was because her uncle was healed of cancer at a clinic in Mexico. He was an invalid when he was taken to the clinic, and a couple of days following his return home, he went deer hunting. So Gail knew there were options, but she was too broke to go to Mexico.


She decided to give the product a try and ended up with amazing results.



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