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Another instance of my being able to help someone was when I was contacted by one of my husband’s clients, Marina Yeveg (not her actual name). Marina and her husband, Sergey, who are Russian immigrants and extremely proud of their US citizenship, were referred to my husband about a legal matter.


Marina is employed by the judicial system as an interpreter, and she is pretty, extremely bright, industrious and full of love. Her handsome husband, Sergey, also a hard worker, has his own business and spends his spare time coaching their daughter, a budding tennis star.


While at my husband’s office, Marina broke down and cried, telling him her legal situation was even more stressful because of her current health problems. She had undergone a radical mastectomy, which included removal of lymph nodes under her arm due to breast cancer; and she suffered serious complications. My husband shared my experience with her, and not long after that, we were able to meet.


When I first saw Marina, I could not help but notice how grotesquely swollen her arm appeared - not only a sign of lymphatic blockage, but could also signal the return of cancer.


Marina shared with me she experienced a lot of pain and discomfort in her arm due to the swelling in her lymphatic system, as her body was unable to properly drain the lymphatic fluids since undergoing extensive surgery. In addition to being very painful, it served as a constant reminder that, very probably, deadly cancer cells were lurking around in her body, ready to strike somewhere else.



Marina followed the course of action I shared with her and got excellent results very quickly. The swelling completely left her arm as well as the accompanying pain and soreness. She shared with me she had tried many different treatments and purchased various pieces of expensive medical equipment designed to help reduce lymphatic fluid buildup, making every possible effort to get rid of the painful swelling. She had invested a lot of money into these remedies, and nothing had worked.


She rejoiced, knowing that she had a new lease on life. While enjoying the peace of good health, she was able to delight in her busy role as an interpreter, wife, and mother, and finish the task of raising her youngest child, as well as welcoming her very first grandchild into the family, a precious baby boy named Brian.


Marina asked me to also share that my husband won her case!


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