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*The identity (names and locations) have been changed to protect the individual's privacy. 


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Gavin contacted me after receiving my telephone number from a friend of mine. She and Gavin struck up a casual friendship while taking the same class at a nearby school. In a conversation during a class break, Gavin mentioned he survived a bout with lymphoma, and the disease was currently in remission. My friend shared she knew someone who healed herself of cancer using a natural remedy.


Several weeks after hearing this claim, Gavin began to experience lethargy, and his wife, Jill, who worked in the medical field, was able to feel a tumor in the back of his neck. He returned to his physician, and after undergoing testing, was told the lymphoma was back—but this time, it returned with a vengeance. His physician gave him three weeks to live and wanted to immediately begin an aggressive chemotherapy treatment.


Despite the urgent warning which came with his doctor’s diagnosis, Gavin dragged his feet when it came to submitting to more chemotherapy. His initial experience with chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma was dreadful. He had narrowly survived the first round of chemotherapy treatments and was left completely drained of energy. He seriously weighed in his heart whether further treatment would even be effective, as the disease returned with an even greater onslaught.


In addition to this, Gavin had a cousin in Baltimore, Maryland, who had recently died of the same type of lymphoma that he had been diagnosed with. Coupled with the news of his cousin’s death and the fact he had barely survived the earlier treatment, Gavin drew the conclusion that any further chemotherapy treatment was futile. He recalled my friend mentioning someone who was healed of her cancer naturally, and he felt he had nothing to lose by choosing an alternative method.


Gavin made the valiant effort to haul his sick body out of bed the following Monday morning and go to the school, hoping my friend was in class that day. She had beeen out due to hopsitalization. She was there, and when class was over he shared that the cancer was back in a more aggressive form than before. She gave him my telephone number, and he called immediately.



I briefly shared my experience with Gavin, and Gavin shared his situation with me. Based on the extensive reading I had done, I was able to to tell Gavin exactly why he had developed lymphoma.


I told Gavin he wore a lot of cologne, giving entrance to the solvent isopropyl alcohol into his body, which burdened his liver and he ate a lot of shrimp, a food that took a toll on his health as it contains allergens and is a trigger food for lymphoma. Gavin confirmed I was right on both accounts and he was blown away I knew this without knowing him personally. 


Gavin made the decision to follow through with the same steps I took, and he and his wife were amazed at his recovery. Three weeks after his doctor’s grim prognosis, Gavin underwent another PET scan at his doctor’s office. His doctor was unable to find any cancerous cells in his body and declared Gavin was completely healed.

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